Man using wood glue, example of industrial adhesives in Vancouver

Industrial Adhesives in Vancouver by Rainbow Industrial Products

At Rainbow Industrial Products Ltd, we offer a diverse selection of application-specific adhesive solutions. To serve the needs of various industries, we offer aerosol, liquid and hot melt adhesives. These adhesives are each designed to perform in less-than-ideal circumstances such as water intrusion, direct sunlight, or near flames.
Whether your application demands an aerosol, liquid or hot melt adhesive, we have the bonding materials to get the job done right! We provide the industrial adhesives Vancouver trusts.
Self-Adhesive Molded Polyurethane Bumpers
Perfect for door-stoppers or wherever extra protection is needed against slips, scuffs, vibration, scratches or noise. Our clear, self-adhesive bumpers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are nearly invisible when attached to a clear or coloured surface. We also have additional shapes, sizes and colours to suit your needs.